Postel Certified

Our readers are Postel (Indonesia Post and Telecommunication) certified.

Why Certification?

There are thousands of telecommunication devices made by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide, which includes any type of conventional telephony to mobile phones, pagers to modems, facsimile to switch. These types of devices continues to grow on a daily basis.

Many thousands of these devices are not intended and are not suitable for Indonesia. Some can not be connected to each other, and some others may be mutual interference between radio devices that can affect the quality of reception and transmission of information.

Certification is very important to ensure the device to function properly and does not interfere when the device is integrated in the Indonesian telecommunications network. Besides the certification also helps you to choose which device in accordance with the standards of Indonesia.


What happen when a device is not certified?

Devices certified prior to release in the market and there is a specific label for a device that has been certified. If a certification label is not found on the device, you should not buy the device. Which means that the device has the potential to interfere with other communication networks.

To protect the interests of consumers, Postel officers routinely conduct inspections to those who sell telecommunications equipment, which is none other than to ensure that the device has been certified and in accordance with existing regulations.

For those who import or sell a device that is not certified could be convicted into jail for a maximum of 1 (one) year and/or a maximum fine of Rp 100,000,000,- (one hundred million rupiah).