Extending IoT to Every Thing in Manufacturing and Automotive Industries with RAIN RFID

IoT has changed the way machines—and humans—work. Impinj extends the IoT to the things stocked, assembled, and moved through a plant for just-in-time operations.


Be Part of Industry 4.0

By enabling machine-to-machine communications in assembly and manufacturing processes, solutions enabled by Impinj RAIN RFID products transform manufacturing and automotive assembly lines and streamline even the most complex assembly processes.

Together with our partners, Impinj brings digital transformation to manufacturing and automotive companies enabling next-level agility that drives productivity and profit. 

Manufacturing and automotive solutions
built on the Impinj platform

Shipment Verification

Automate tracking parts and goods moving between plants for maximum operational efficiency

Tire Tracking

Gain visibility into the full lifecycle of a tire

Asset Management

Automate management of tools and equipment to improve utilization and streamline maintenance


Streamline manufacturing processes and enable customized products


Automate Monitoring of Shipments with Impinj Partner SLS

Use RAIN RFID to automate tracking of shipments through dock doors for efficient processing, real-time data, and key operational insights with SLS RFID Solutions. SLS smart PORTALs, with Impinj readers inside, connect the systems running your shipping and receiving with real-time data about every item that passes through dock doors or other transition points.

Asset Management :

Automate management of tools and equipment to improve utilization and streamline maintenance

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Reduce loss and lower costs

Gain item-level data about every asset to ensure important tools and equipment don’t get lost, misplaced, or stolen. By keeping up-to-date on your tools’ whereabouts, you can reduce overall inventory levels while ensuring adequate supplies across all location

Get the tools you need when you need them

Eliminate the need for manual processes, spreadsheets, post-it notes, and other ineffective methods. Ensure compliance with maintenance schedules and product recalls by seeing an asset’s inventory, location, and history. Better plan and prepare supply levels to maximize investments.

Hassle-free integration with current systems

Extend the value of an existing asset management application with IoT capabilities. The Impinj platform easily integrates into existing enterprise systems and enables the real-time data collection needed to provide visibility into asset use and availablility so that teams can work at the pace of modern business.


Polaris Saves Thousands with Automated Manufacturing Solution

Vehicle manufacturer Polaris optimized production through a RAIN RFID solution that saved them more than $200,000 per year. Developed by Impinj and Atlas RFID, the RAIN RFID solution supports Polaris’ sophisticated manufacturing line by accurately identifying Automated Guided Vehicles as they move parts through production. This allows Polaris to ensure key manufacturing processes are complete.

Tire Tracking :

Gain visibility into the full lifecycle of a tire


Track a tire throughout its life

Maintain an automatic, full-circle inventory record of a tire—from manufacturing through supply chain, store to consumer. Manage inventory efficiently and gain new insights into which products perform better to optimize buying choices.

Anticipate performance issues in advance

Track mileage statistics, monitor safety, and analyze consumption automatically. Effectively manage performance and tread wear to stay on top of maintenance and performance across a fleet of vehicles

Built to last through rough conditions

Expect long life from tags enabled by Impinj tag chips. They’re strong, durable, and built to withstand the bumps and potholes on the road ahead.

MESNAC Enhances Manufacturing Equipment

MESNAC, the world leader in tire manufacturing equipment, elevates their products by employing RAIN RFID from the very beginning of the supply chain. 

Working with Impinj partner GR, MESNAC gathers data from RAIN RFID tire tags, combined with tire pressure monitoring systems, vehicle terminal data, and GPS data, to inform intelligent tire management platforms that can be used by vehicle fleets for mileage statistics, safety monitoring, consumption analysis, storage, allocation, and retread management.

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