Deliver Accurate, Real-Time Inventory Visibility

By extending the Internet of Things to reach every inventory item, organizations gain new insights that drive business operations and enable excellence.


Replace manual inventory counting

Accurate inventory data is key to keeping an organization efficient and optimized. But many companies are stuck doing things the old way—manually counting items or scanning individual barcodes. By the time the cycle count is complete, the data is already outdated. With our inventory management solutions, organizations gain brand-new insights that help optimize operations. 

Inventory management
solutions enabled by the Impinj platform transform retail & healthcare operations


Ensure staff has supplies they need, when and where they are needed


Automate inventory counting for powerful insights into operations

A platform for inventory management solutions

The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID—a wireless technology that provides unique identifiers for individual items, operates without batteries, and reads thousands of items instantly without direct line-of-sight. Our platform enables baggage tracking solutions for airlines and airports that:

  • – Ensure staff has what they need, when and where they need it
  • – Restock and resupply quickly and with agility
  • – Eliminate oversupply and waste

How Impinj enables RAIN RFID inventory management

Tag Inventory

Attach Impinj-powered tags to inventory and supplies. Impinj tag chips are durable, low-cost, and suitable for all kinds of items.

Read Inventory

Use Impinj-powered readers to identify and locate items. Readers are available as handheld devices, can be attached to cabinets or shelving, or installed in rooms and doorways.

See Inventory

Connect accurate, real-time data about inventory with enterprise business systems for insights that deliver agility and efficiencies.

Retailers automate
inventory counting for powerful insights into operations

Automate counting

Replace old, manual counting methods with automated, hands-free, always-on inventory solutions that offer unparalleled inventory insight and ease. Retailers report inventory cycle counts run 25 times faster using a RAIN RFID system than manually counting each item.

Eliminate overstocking

Stop guessing when you have the answer in-hand. With accurate inventory data, retailers make smart decisions about allocation that improve margins with less inventory in the supply chain, and more dollars in the business.

Sell down to the last item

Use accurate inventory data to make all products available across all locations, sell every item, and reduce the number of items requiring mark downs. Accurate inventory data helps retailers reach customers across the many selling channels today’s shoppers demand.

China Outfitters increases operational efficiency with RAIN RFID

With millions of products to manage, China Outfitters needed to make sure their inventory tracking processes—which span several top retail brands—were not slowing them down. With a solution from Impinj partner Hyesoft, China Outfitters increased efficiency in its inventory, shipping and returns procedures 25 times over.


Heilan Home Streamlines Logistics and Retail Operations

Retail and manufacturing company Heilan Home increased efficiency after implementing the Impinj platform for real-time item tracking and inventory location. Since 2014, Heilan Home has worked with Impinj and partner Xindeco to increase the efficiency of its warehouse operations and lower its labor costs

La Chapelle Innovates Stores and Supply Chain with RAIN RFID

RAIN RFID delivers accurate, accessible inventory management data, making Chinese apparel leader more nimble in the fast-moving fashion industry.



Faster Cycle Clone

RAIN cycle counts 25x faster than manual barcode scanning
2018 Loss Prevention Media The ROI for RFID Technology in Retail

Healthcare organizations
ensure staff has inventory and supplies they need, when and where they are needed

Automate inventory counts for optimized supplies

Managing supplies is often a manual and error-prone process, relying on clinical staff and distracting them from their primary focus of patient care. Automate inventory counting and medication management to reduce costs, eliminate waste, and, most importantly, reduce errors that impact patients.

Eliminate waste from expired medications

Gathering and restocking supplies takes time. And managing product expirations is challenging across all locations. Save time and money with automatic, accurate data about inventory levels, identification of expiring medications, and insights that inform planning.

Improve patient charge capture

Inaccurate tracking of consumed supplies can have a direct financial impact on health systems due to incomplete charge capture for procedures. Automate identification of supplies consumed in caring for patients and ensure complete and proper charges.

UT Medical Center Uses RAIN RFID to Manage Hospital Supplies

University of Tennessee Medical Center uses a system from Impinj partner DeRoyal to track and manage OR supplies, improve patient charge capture, and enhance patient safety. By accurately tracking the specific supplies used with each procedure, patient charge capture improved by 30%, resulting in increased reimbursement levels.

Hanmi Uses RAIN RFID for Pharma Supply Chain Management

Hanmi Pharmaceutical in South Korea uses a solution enabled by the Impinj platform to reduce errors and gain better inventory visibility, control and stock circulation throughout their entire supply chain. Hanmi tracks 60 million product units annually, from packaging to picking and shipping, enabling an automated process from order receipt to the shipment of a packed carton to a wholesaler.

North York Hospital Improves Operations With RAIN RFID

North York General Hospital (NYGH) wanted to ensure that their thousands of patients received the best care possible. Because of the volume of their operations, NYGH needed a better way to track and manage the medications they distributed to patients. By using a solution from Impinj partner MEPS Real-Time, North York General streamlined tracking medication deliveries that was both easy to implement and highly effective.



By accurately knowing the specific supplies used with each procedure, patient charge capture improved by 30%, which means increased reimbursement levels.
UT Medical Center
Intelliguard | Automated Management of Medical Kits

Rapidly scan high-density drug kits and trays for automatic inventory validation and replenishment with the RAIN RFID solution.

Detego | Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Maximize supply chain efficiency with accurate, continuous counts with an always-on inventory system from Detego and Impinj.

DeRoyal | Hospital Supply Usage Tracking

Accurately and automatically track medical supply usage in the operating room, emergency department, catheterization lab, and ICU with the RAIN RFID solution from DeRoyal and Impinj.

RAIN RFID-Enabled Tally Robot Automates Grocery Store Inventory

Tally 3.0, the RAIN RFID-enabled robot, is back with new skills: monitoring inventory levels and expiration dates in grocery stores thanks to Rain RFID tags.

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