Enable Actionable, Proactive Loss Prevention Strategies

Go beyond alarms to eliminate blind spots; understand exactly what, when, where and how every un-purchased item exits the store.

Gain advanced protection and heightened visibility into all loss events

The sound of an exit alarm at a retail store often goes ignored. But losing billions of dollars to shrink annually is a problem that doesn’t go away when the ringing stops. 

Loss prevention systems solve both problems. By identifying each item individually at the exit, retailers can go beyond an alarm at the door—they can know which specific item has left the premises.

A platform for loss prevention solutions

The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID—a wireless technology that provides unique identifiers for individual items, operates without batteries, and reads thousands of items instantly without direct line-of-sight. Loss prevention (LP) solutions enabled by the Impinj platform identify tagged items at exits or zones and support self-checkout and seamless product returns.

  • – Use the same tags as inventory management solutions to extend the value of an investment in RAIN RFID.
  • – Deliver insights that uncover where loss prevention methods are effective and where improvements are needed.
Tag Merchandise

Attach Impinj-powered tags to retail items. Impinj tag chips enable automated checkout, loss prevention, and returns while maintaining customer privacy.

Read Merchandise

Use Impinj-powered readers at the POS to identify all tagged items easily and simultaneously. With LP integration there is no need to remove security tags.

See Merchandise

Connect accurate inventory data to POS and exit data to improve visibility, increase efficiency, and enhance the shopper experience.

Know exactly when, and where every item exits the store

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems can trigger alarms when items are removed from the stores, but offer no insight into which items are missing or where these items moved within the store. These blind spots leave retailers vulnerable and put their profitability at risk. A loss prevention system enabled by Impinj lets retailers see the date, time, and exit location of each stolen item to enable proactive prevention strategies.

See patterns to identify and respond to trends

Knowing where each item in your store is at all times provides an intimate look into how products move—so you’ll not only be alerted when people try to walk out with items, but you can connect item data with loss trends. The same system can provide visibility when products enter and leave zones, such as fitting rooms. Identifying patterns allows for better preventative measures to address the source of the problem. Move from reactive to proactive with greater visibility into details of loss and shoplifting.

Seamlessly integrate with automated checkout and return

Gain a seamless loss prevention solution integrated with automated checkout and return. Unique features enabled by tag chips enable integrated loss prevention while protecting consumer privacy by making a RAIN tag invisible to RAIN readers. The tag can be returned to normal operation, made visible again to RAIN readers, using a secure PIN. This gives retailers opportunities to immediately, and automatically, remove a purchased item from inventory, improve the customer experience at store exits while protecting the customers’ privacy, and enabling seamless returns of an item to store inventory.

Retail Loss Prevention from Sensormatic

Shrink is a multi-billion-dollar problem for retailers. With increasing losses, retailers need improved visibility into loss for better insights and analytics to go from reactive to proactive strategies. Using real-time data from RAIN RFID, gives retailers a more complete picture of loss events.

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