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With RAIN RFID, Packaging and Shipping are Faster and More Accurate
17/02/2022 Uncategorized admin

By using RAIN RFID to track packages and other assets, supply chain and logistics companies can automate processes and gain valuable insights to help them cut costs and speed up their operations. When it comes to sorting, routing, and tracking packages as they make their way through the shipment journey, every second counts. Many processes

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What Item-Level RFID Can Do for Retailers, According to Gartner
17/01/2022 Uncategorized admin

RAIN RFID can transform retail store operations, improve inventory accuracy, prevent shrink, enable self-checkout, and more, according to a new Gartner report. In a post-COVID retail environment, inventory accuracy and inventory visibility are more important than ever. Over the course of the pandemic, customers have become accustomed to flexible fulfillment options, such as buy online,

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How RAIN RFID Prevents Retail Shrinkage & Evolves Store Security
10/01/2022 Uncategorized admin

With RAIN RFID, retailers can gain insight into loss events and switch from reactive to proactive strategies when addressing shoplifting. Here’s how. Once an unpurchased product leaves the store, it’s gone. Cut your losses — that’s just the reality of retail shrinkage. Right? Well, maybe not all is lost. With loss prevention solutions powered by RAIN

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Three Reasons Retailers Should Invest in RAIN RFID in 2022
03/01/2022 Uncategorized admin

Retail is an industry facing many changes and challenges. Here’s how RAIN RFID can help retailers stay ahead of the curve by enabling omnichannel fulfillment, loss prevention, and self-checkout. The retail industry has evolved rapidly over the past few years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. To survive and thrive, retailers need to

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RAIN RFID in Retail: How to Overcome Roadblocks to Adoption
10/12/2021 Uncategorized admin

Retail is changing. RAIN RFID can help retailers stay ahead of the curve, but many face barriers to adoption. Here’s how retailers can overcome the roadblocks. The global retail landscape has seen accelerated change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers are demanding new ways to shop, self-checkout is gaining steam, and outdated inventory systems can’t keep

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Beyond Retail & the Supply Chain: CAEN RFID and Impinj Talk RFID
29/11/2021 Uncategorized admin

What is the future of the Internet of Things? Impinj and CAEN RFID discuss how visibility enabled by RAIN RFID can transform operations for businesses and consumer experiences beyond retail and the supply chain. Only 0.2% of connectable items are connected to the internet today, but it is possible to expand the internet’s reach by

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RAIN RFID Helps Nike ‘Just Do It’ Despite Supply Chain Challenges
22/11/2021 Uncategorized admin

Nike is adding RAIN RFID to nearly all shoes, apparel, and product lines, opening new possibilities in manufacturing, retail, supply chain and logistics, omnichannel fulfillment, and more. In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, Nike was in the process of installing RAIN RFID tag chips in all of its footwear and apparel lines — a solution

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How Secure is RFID? Here’s How RAIN RFID Safeguards Data
08/11/2021 Uncategorized admin

There are many myths and misunderstandings about RFID. Can RFID be hacked? Can RFID tags be cloned? What’s the range of RFID? We demystify the misinformation. RFID is a wireless technology that’s easy to misunderstand. While some elements have been around since the 1940s, RFID is still relatively young and various myths persist about security

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Sensormatic Solutions Aims to Reduce Retail Shrink with Loss Prevention Offering
01/11/2021 Uncategorized admin

With its RAIN RFID solution, Impinj partner Sensormatic Solutions is empowering retailers to reduce shrinkage and combat rising retail theft. Customers are returning to stores as COVID restrictions are lifted, but labor shortages are making it harder for retailers to provide customer service and prevent shoplifting. A new solution offering from Impinj partner Sensormatic Solutions

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How Airlines Track Bags and Avoid Losing Baggage with RAIN RFID
26/10/2021 Uncategorized admin

Airlines like Delta are using RAIN RFID to track your bags as they’re sorted, loaded onto your flight, and delivered to baggage claim. And you can follow along. You’re just settling into your window seat when you get a notification on your phone. Ding! Your bag just got loaded onto your aircraft. Now you can relax, slip

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