BE2 – Beacon – Max

BE2 – Beacon – Max

BE2 – Beacon-Max is a popular and modern iBeacon with ARM core chipset
nRF52832 and is designed based on BLE 4.0 technology.
BE2 broadcasts data at a regular and adjustable intervals according to Apple
standard iBeacon protocol. It could be detected and interpreted by iOS and
Android BLE-enabled devices that are equipped with mobile app.

– Programmed MiniBeacon Standard firmware.
– Powered by 4pc Li-Fe S2 replaceable battery, ±10 years battery life time.
– Max. 300-meters broadcast distance.
– Extreme Operation Temperature Range: -30˚ to +70˚ Celcius.
– IP67 and can be used for outdoor application.

– iBeacon MFi License (iBC-14-00582).
– FCC Regulation (FCC Part 15).
– CE Regulations (include EN300328/301489/60950/62479).

Turning ON/OFF:
– Press the button and hold for 5 seconds, the blue LED will light on 5
   seconds and then off, means the tag wakes up and start to broadcast.
– Press the button and hold for 5 seconds again, the blue LED will flash 5
   times and then off, means the tag is on sleep mode and stop broadcast.

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