Beacon – BK5

Beacon BK5

Beacon BK5 is a wristband beacon with ARM core chipset NRF52832AA and
leverage BLE 4.0 technology.
Beacon BK5 broadcast 2.4GHz radio signals at regular and adjustable intervals. It
can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android BLE-enabled devices that are
equipped with many mobile apps.

– Programmed standard firmware.
– Powered by 1 CR2032 coin battery.
– Max. 100-meters advertising distance.
– Ultra-low power consumption chipset NRF52832AA with ARM core.

– iBeacon MFi License (iBC-14-00582).
– FCC Regulation (FCC Part 15).
– CE Regulations (include EN300328/301489/60950/62479).

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