BF3 – Beacon – Tracker

BF3 Beacon Tracker

BF3 – Beacon-Tracker is a smart and tiny tracking device, developed based on BLE
4.0 technology.
BF3 could help you find your stuff and never get lost again. It is easy to be attached
to your wallets, bags, car keys, remotes and other stuff.

– Find & Anti-lost function.
– LED and Buzzer indication.
– Replaceable coin battery.
– External ON/OFF push button to save the battery lifetime.
– Ultra-low power consumption chipset nRF51822 with ARM core.
– Portable device, keychain and neck string are optional.

– iBeacon MFi License (iBC-14-00582).
– FCC Regulation (FCC Part 15).
– CE Regulations (include EN300328/301489/60950/62479).

Turning ON/OFF:
– Press the button and hold for 5 seconds, the blue LED will light on 5
seconds and then off, means the tag wakes up and start to broadcast.
– Press the button and hold for 5 seconds again, the blue LED will flash 5
times and then off, means the tag is on sleep mode and stop broadcast.

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