Impinj xArray


Delivering wide-area monitoring, locationing and tag direction capabilities.

Speedway xArray is a game-changing reader system – the first product designed to meet the requirements for wide-area monitoring applications while maintaining backwards compatibility with portal applications. It brings proven tag direction capability to the market in a package that is both low cost and easy to deploy.


  • – Beam-forming 2-D array radiates a linear beam pattern in vertical and horizontal paths to read tags in any orientation.
  • – 40 ft diameter read field coverage with full FCC power at 15 ft height.
  • – 52 antenna beams enable assignment of locations or zones.
  • – Robust tag direction capability which supports real world movement patterns.
  • – Low profile design measuring just 18 x 18 x 2.5 in., fits into standard ceiling tile grid and blends into any decor.
  • – Easy to use and maintain with IEEE 803.2af PoE, tilt sensor to detect when out of alignment, hysteresis feedback to alert when antenna – – may be blocked, and customizable beacon.
  • – Easy programming using LLRP and Impinj extensions.


Mobile / Hanheld

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